Best 3D Printing Startups In 2018

Best 3D Printing Startups In 2018

The new era of industrialization has already begun. It’s been banging at our doors for quite some time now. Nikola Tesla predicted almost a century ago that our civilization would be able to do marvelous things with the upcoming technologies. 3D printing is one of the latest achievements that has become commercialized. Nowadays, many startup companies are using 3D printers for various purposes, but mostly to improve our everyday lives, whether it’s health-related, industry-related, etc. Today we’ll talk about the best 3D printing startup companies of 2018.

Align Technology

Their goal is to assist doctors to participate in a new and bigger market by investing in innovative products. Also, they are building brands to drive millions of customers to their practice. Combining the advanced 3D modeling for digital treatment planning, shape-engineering which is based on biomechanical principles, and mass-customizing and 3D printing, we’ve started a revolution of the orthodontic industry. Never forget that Align Technology was founded in 1997, by five employees in a small duplex apartment in Redwood City, California.

Robo 3D

Two San Diego State University entrepreneurs discovered the power of 3D printing during college and were fascinated by the technology and the potential impact it can have with helping businesses, students, and ordinary people to bring their ideas and creations to life. They Kickstarted their idea which led them to open a successful startup company. Their initial wish was to get their hands on a 3D printer, but it has grown into an entire ecosystem of additional products, new machines, to 3D printing software, a 3D printing app, to materials, 3D print kits, and even curriculum to support 3D printing in standard education.

3D Compare

3DCompare is UK based manufacturing platform based in the UK offering a variety of technologies and materials to anyone who can make products in 3D. They utilize 3D Printing, CNC Machines, CAD Design, Laser Cutting, Injection Moulding, and other methods. We wish to be people’s go-to website so people could order 3D Printing and other services, and that is why we’re trying to create the biggest database of manufacturing partners. We wish to provide the growing on-demand manufacturing market with a trusted website by utilizing the tools which produce high-quality products with best prices.