Don't Ask for Change. Create Change!



We believe a strong community is the key foundation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. We design and deliver programs and interventions aimed at creating startup communities in in the MENA region.

The Yallastartup Manifesto

  1. I pledge to get off my ass and bootstrap until I prove myself.

  2. I pledge to choose a co-founder that complements my skillset and is as committed as I am.

  3. I pledge to be original. 

  4. I pledge to embrace failure and learn from it.

  5. I pledge to always think big and never settle.

  6. I pledge to share my ideas openly and embrace the advice of the more experienced.

  7. I pledge to build a team and a culture, not just a business.

  8. I pledge to uphold the highest ethics and protect my customers.

  9. I pledge to leave my excuses at home.

  10. I pledge to be resilient and never give up.


Don't Just Ask for Change.

Create Change!