6alabat.com enables customers to order food online from a large variety of restaurants in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


AddSomeLines YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Crowd source authoring: the next best selling novels


InTheLoop.me is an interconnected network of professionals in the Middle East representing all industries.


Apstrata is a cloud-based application platform that includes an ecosystem of enterprise class application building blocks offered as web services.


AqarMap.com is an online Real Estate marketplace that makes buying, selling, and renting properties in the Middle East easy and convenient.


Aramex's solutions enables and facilitates regional and global trade and commerce.

Askolar YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Askolar or Ask Scholars is a new Q&A System



Banady is a social networking website catered to the Arab world. It allows users to keep in touch with friends and family through its online site.


The Middle East's largest job site, connecting employers and job seekers.


Beeyoot.com is a comprehensive Dubai real estate portal and publisher of a hyper-local real estate blog in UAE.


Berytech Technological Pole is the first Lebanese Business Innovation and Development Center, providing hi-tech hosting, incubation, training and counselling to SMEs.


BetakOnline is the first Egyption and Middle Eastern portal that connects home buyers and sellers (Apatments, Houses, Buildings, Land, Villas, Retail shops etc.) by using maps to locate the properties.

Broomy YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Broomy is a game for developers and an innovative way of recruiting.


Capsu.ly YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Capsu.ly is the world's first infinite & free community based digital storage.

Cashbury YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Your mobile loyalty card


Launched in July 2002, cashU was born as a result of a survey, which revealed that only 13% of internet users were willing to use their credit cards online. There was a clear need for an internet payment solution.


CineKlik enables users to get showtimes and trailers for movies showing in cinemas in Lebanon, as well as share reviews and ratings with friends.

Collaborative Papers YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Collaborative Papers is designed to help university students (undergraduates and postgraduates) and employees who work in groups and collaborate on papers.

CookYalla YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

CookYalla transforms the way you cook by offering dishes based on your ingredients.



d1g.com is a medium for users to socialize and participate online by sharing their experiences with the Arab online community.


dakwak is the easiest and fastest way to translate a website to any language.

Digitus Marketing

Digitus Marketing assists organizations with improving their online footprint and presence, offering services in PPC Advertising, Interactive Media Marketing, and Web Intelligence.



Save with eCouponAt by getting access to coupons and discounts.


Edufina provides students, parents and educators with tools for academic success.

El Mashrou3 YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

El Mashrou3 link students’ senior projects to investors and investors to senior projects.


eSimsar.com is a comprehensive online property management system for professional property management companies and property owners.



face2face is a location-aware smartphone app that solves the problems of privacy and safety that have become synonymous with social networking – so that more people can benefit from the advantages that come from knowing which friends are nearby.


Fameego is a social networking website with a special emphasis on personalization and privacy.


Fascila is the premier dedicated company offering Smart Wireless Automation Innovations in Egypt and the wider MENA region.

fBarter YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

fBarter is a location based Facebook application that allows users to list their personal items.


Feedoor is a feed-management service.



GoNabit is the first group-buying website to offer daily deals to the Middle-East and North Africa region.


Hintout YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Hintout is a social network about going out. Know what to do today and any day in a most simple interface; receive recommendations from friends, venues, and groups you like.



Egypt-based VC supporting entrepreneurs who are committed to building great companies. VC arm of EFG-Hermes Group.


Ikbis is a photo and video sharing service geared towards the Arab audiences around the world.


We make recruiting happen!

ImpactSawa YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

ImpactSawa is an online fund-raising platform to empower passionate individuals from around the globe to raise money online for charities in the Middle East and impact the causes they care most about.

Interactive Ventures Holdings (IV Holdings)

IV Holdings provides capital, expertise and a synergistic network of ventures to help enable and grow special entrepreneurs both within and outside the Arab world. Our focus is on building category defining companies that will shape how a global Arab audience will interact online. We do so by empowering good people to do great things.


iPARK Technology Incubator aims at providing the needed catalyst to fuel the entrepreneurial process that is pivotal to Jordan's economic development.


iq is the future of business software, we believe that great businesses are result of great teams, so we are providing the next generation ERP solutions focusing on teams empowerment & collaboration.

iSpicePhotos YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

iSpicePhotos gives you back power by letting you view your life stories the way you want to.

Istikana TV

Istikana is where the best Arabic premium on-demand TV content lives online!


iwingle aims to simplify the world of social and community networking.



Jeeran was launched in 2000 as the first Arab web hosting community, with a young and futuristic vision to provide Arab users with the latest web technologies and the means to communicate and connect


Kazdora YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Kazdora is you travel guide. It helps you find what you need when you need it.

KhabbrTellUs YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Khabbr is a citizen journalism crowdsourcing site that helps everyone share news and information about what is around them. In a mid-term stage


Kharabeesh is about creating original mini Arabic cartoon shows for the new media.


Kngine is Web 3.0 Search engine designed to provide meaningful search results.

KomicHub YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

KomicHub, a comic sharing portal



Laazi is a new job portal that is focused on the specific needs of the Middle East.

Lik2Clik YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Food is Now Social: No more not knowing what & where to eat!


Loomni is a platform that helps learners and instructors get together.



A real-estate website that utilizes maps to display its listings.


See what the world is saying about..whatever! Leave comments in the margins of your favorite websites using Marginize and share with your social network!

Meta YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Meta makes your browser experience better than ever.


Meydan is a new age accelerator focused on reducing the time from idea to revenue (I2R). We offer more than money. The value we create is 80% from wisdom and knowhow, and 20% from money. Our obsession is to create value@speed using packaged knowledge , proven tools, smart and hard work, and above all passion to make a difference.

Middle East Venture Partners

MEVP is a Middle East-focused venture capital firm that invests in the early and growth stages of innovative companies run by talented entrepreneurs primarily, but not exclusively, in Lebanon and the greater Levant region.

MIMIX YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Mimix is a technology that translates spoken and written words into sign language.


Moteel allows anyone to search and book great rooms at 200,000 moteels in over 20,000 destinations.


Msrofi is a free personal money management system that allows users to access and manage their account from anywhere over the internet.

MyMood YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Videos, Music, and Images to fit a person's mood.



Nahel is an e-commerce website catered to the Middle-Eastern market.


Nakhweh.com is empowers users to give back to communities in the Arab world. The website offers a variety of services to support non-profit communities, initiatives and volunteers who are committed to social change.

National Net Ventures (N2V)

National Net Ventures (N2V) is an internet holding company whose core business is to develop online and interactive web-based ventures.

nodio YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

nodio changes note-taking forever.


Covering the Arabic and Global financial news with original Arabic content.


Oasis 500

Oassis 500: Accelerating the transformation of ideas into business startups.


O-Minds is an information technology company with a strong focus on web development.


OneCard is a comprehensive online payment solution.

Ox Animation

Ox Animation, Inc. is a full-service digital animation studio with a primary focus on developing and producing culturally appropriate and socially responsible entertainment through computer-generated imagery.


PackingBuddy YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Packing Buddy sorts out packages and optimizes your container.

PhotoHub YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

PhotoHub is a single destination to watch a stream of the photos uploaded by your contacts around the web, in a chronological order.


Pin-Pay is a technology company that provides Mobile-Payment & Mobile-Banking solutions.


We provide Web 2.0/Mobile websites development and design services to clients around the globe.

Plug and Play Tech Center

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, PlugandPlayTechCenter.com is a community of over 280 technology startup companies in the areas of Web 2.0, software (SaaS), systems, semiconductor and telecomm verticals.


A provider of consulting, training, and coaching to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.


Revolution Ventures

At Revolution Ventures, we focus on engaging entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of company formation to later stages of rapid growth.

Riyadh Key

A place to find info on Riyadh city, where to spend a good moment, coverage that official papers wont publish, advise from a fellow Riyadh lover to a fellow Riyadh visitor, simply The Unofficial Guide to Riyadh.

Rmoosh YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Rmoosh allows you to define your self and personalize your avatar based on your .



Shahiya.com is an Arabic interactive website specialized in food and diet targeting mainly people who are in “mood for food”.


Shofha is a new experience that aims to fill the gap between movie lovers and the movie producers. It is about delivering Arabic movies, whether classics or modern, to any Arabic cinema fan, anywhere in the world.

Social Taggers

Socialtaggers connects advertisers with social media users in the easiest way we could possibly engineer.

Social-startups YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Startup weekends are occasional events, so that entrepreneurs are somehow restricted to these weekends, to get together and turn their ideas into real products.

SocialisBack YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

SocialisBack is a mobile Based social network that promotes human interaction.


Souq.com was established in 2005 to become the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world, covering Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, and soon expanding to new markets.


Spread My CV’s mission is to expedite the connection between job seekers and relevant, interested employers in the Middle East. By allowing employers free access to our services, we encourage a high level of hiring manager participation that greatly increases job seekers' chances of finding a post that suits their skills and interests.


Sukar.com is a private sale community for lifestyle products in the Middle East, offering high-quality items for a circle of invited friends.


Syraty is the first Arabic site that allows you to easily create your own personal 'Syrat' and showcasing it in your own page.


T-Word YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

T-Word is a mobile application for travellers to translate words, in the real world.


Tadarab is an internship guide. They help match employees with interns.


Arabic Comedy Community, based on an original collection of Photos, videos, articles and channels gathered over 3 years from fans across the globe.


TechWadi is the leading networking association for Arab American professionals in the technology industry. TechWadi targets over 900 Arab American business leaders including entrepreneurs, academics, lawyers and bankers in and around the Silicon Valley region. Our members represent small- and medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies including Google, Oracle, Yahoo!, Nokia, and Intel.

Tifli YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

An Arabic based Parenting Website.


Since 2000, Transtek business software has helped leading organizations in Syria keep cost down and push productivity up.


TwitSot is a third-party Twitter application that allows users to create polls via their twitter account.


The only service enabling instant playback of Tweeted videos, allowing users to upload videos from the web, mobile devices or web cams.


Twofour54 is a regional creative centre facilitating the development of Arabic media and entertainment content based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company works with businesses in television, radio, film, publishing, online, mobile, music, gaming and animation to create local content and grow the Arab media industry. Its name refers to the geographic co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi - 24°north by 54°east.



Wamda is a platform for entrepreneurship that has been created and is operated by Abraaj Capital.


Follow the news of people and broadcast your news to the people.


weNear is a location aware mobile application that will keep you connected to all your favorite people and things when they are nearby.

Weyn l 3aj2a YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Weyn l 3aj2a is a mobile application that helps drivers gather and share information about traffic by collecting user generated data.

Wizards Production

Wizards Productions are developing, licensing and translating new online games for the Middle Eastern market.


Woopra is a Realtime Web Tracking and Analytics solution for website owners.

WriteAndRate YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

WriteAndRate analyzes people's opinions and mood swings.


Yalla Tutor YallaStartup Weekend Beirut 2010

Yalla Tutor helps students and tutors.


Group buying power!


YallaStartup aims to foster early stage entrepreneurship in the MENA region. Our goal is to address the gaps in the early stage entrepreneurial ecosystem both online and offline. We focus on knowledge sharing, community building, mentorship, and assisting in finding seed investment.


Yamli is leader in Arabic transliteration and smart search technologies. It offers its technologies to consumers through online, mobile applications. Yamli offers products to enterprises for data normalization/expansion.



Zoofs is a portal that showcases the most tweeted Youtube videos on Twitter