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YallaStartup’ers do it again! Amazing slam-dunks and wins Global Startup Battle!

StartupWeekend just announced:

YallaStartup Weekend’s very own wins Global Startup Battle: Wild Card! In an impressive show of solidarity, received three times as many votes as the second-ranked team. Lebanon now boasts the winners of both GSB: Week 1 with Mimix an dGSB: Wildcard with –an impressive show of entrepreneurial innovation and grass-roots networking from one of Startup Weekend’s newer countries. is the “world’s first infinite and free community-based storage system” that takes personal files, dices them into pieces, duplicates and encrypts those pieces, and distributes them across a worldwide network of users. Files are safe and inaccessible by those hosting them yet account holders can retrieve their personal files at any time. Sound cool? Want to learn more? Check them out at!‘s win comes only a couple of weeks after Mimix’s! So Silicon Valley, can you hear us now? Now before you do anything else, it’s time to do the final voting between Week 1 and Week 2 winners, let’s show again our amazing support for Mimix. Yalla Vote NOW!

How the “Power of Yalla” got 34 Startups launched in one Weekend!

The Weekend of 12/11/10 was one to remember! More than 250 participants came from all around the Arab world came to Lebanon for a highly intense 3 days of coding, networking, fun and most importantly of action!

Friday afternoon the first “Geeks on Bus” arrived at Berytech from Syria. Crowds were pouring in from all over. We had people from Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jordan, Palestine, USA, Canada, just to name a few of the countries represented. Energy was mounting to get started, but we were waiting for our Jordanian “Geeks on a Bus” to arrive. The driver got lost, but they eventually got there. Gotta love Beirut traffic. When our Jordanian friends arrived, we were ready to get started.

The goal of the first day was to get people organized into teams. The stage was open for anyone to pitch their idea in 60 seconds. After an intense compressed session, over 60 ideas were presented. Now the task was to identify the best ideas that will get traction for teams to form around. So we did it Bazaar style where each participant had two votes to cast for an idea using plain old post-it notes. It was fun to see everyone selling their ideas to others, which is really something that also happens in real life during the early stages of a startup. People gravitated towards 35 ideas and now the wheels were set in motion to take that idea and build a prototype to pitch in 2 days.

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Hitler Sucks, MENA Startups Rock!

Remember how Hitler first reacted when he heard about YallaStartup Weekend ? Well wait until you see what he said when he heard about the 30+ mind blowing startups that were formed at the weekend!

Hitler Sucks, MENA Startups Rock! YallaStartup Weekend from YallaStartup on Vimeo.

How to get the most out of StartupWeekend

by Eric Koester

I’ve often heard the phrase “You get out of something what you put into it.”  And in most cases, that is true — if you put in some time, some energy and some effort you’ll get an equal amount back out of it.  With Startup Weekend, that phrase also applies — it’s just that you’ll get 5 times more out versus what you put into it.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a half dozen StartupWeekends.  Some weekends have been a fun chance to meet people; some weekends have been a chance to build something cool; some weekends have been the opportunity to challenge myself to learn something new; and some weekends have left me with more to think about than at the start of the weekend.  But in each case, I consistently got much more out of the weekend than I put into it.

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Jumpstart the weekend with cloud platforms

by Ryan Murray

Every startup is looking to get their business idea to market as fast as possible.  Startup weekends are a great way to push that goal to limit.  But with the objective of getting an application actually working in those 54 weekend hours, developers in particular have a hard task in front of them.  However, the minimal infrastructure needed for the weekend is nothing compared to what is need to manage and maintain a working app over the long haul.  And the goal of all the startup weekend teams will be to have their app running long after the weekend is over!

Cloud platforms offer a particularly enticing solution to startups in this regard.  Provisioning time and configuration are reduced dramatically. And many cloud services are free for small apps that don’t consume a lot of resources.  Here’s a quick review of some cloud providers that can help bootstrap your YallaStartupWeekend apps fast.
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5 reasons to attend YallaStartup Weekend

1. Network, meet potential co-founders and investors

A huge challenge to most entrepreneurs is finding other like-minded people that share the same passions, and compliment their skill-sets. At YallaStartup weekend you’ll get the chance to spend 54 hours surrounded by people that eat their morning bowls of cereal thinking “startup”, and fall asleep thinking how to create the next big thing. In fact, 85% of all previous StartupWeekend participants still kept in touch with someone they met at the event!

2. Build awesome companies

Go from idea to launch. You have 54 hours to figure out everything from the mission, your target market, your competitors and your go-to market strategies. You will also have to give a full presentation of a working prototype and validation of concept to your peers. Over 36% of the Startup Weekend Startups are still active. Over 10% of companies go on to produce revenue or get seed funding, but every time people leave with more experience, insight, knowledge, friends, and resources than they came with.

3. Unlimited Learning Potential

Learn the best practices of UX or how to build a viral marketing strategy and get live feedback on your ideas. Rather than just theorizing, put your brain and hands to work and create, iterate, and then learn how to sell your idea. As much as ideas are important execution is what makes or breaks them. Take this opportunity to develop, and present in front of peers and experts. Not only is it a stage for you to practice on, but you will interact with some of the community’s best and brightest (including yourself!) and learn from each others.

4. Awesome PR

YallaStatup media partners include ReadWriteWeb, The NextWeb Middle East, Knowledge@Wharton, StartupArabia, Hibr,  iTech Entrepreneurs, Executive Magazine, Naharnet and more … This is your chance to be featured on the most respected and read news sources, both regionally and world-wide.

5. Win great prizes and most importantly HAVE FUN

Startup Weekend has been represented in 100 cities and 23 countries, has had over 15,000 entrepreneurs in just 3 years and has launched over 560 new ventures! YallaStartup has brought Startup Weekend to the Middle East for the first time ever. Now is your chance to be part of this entrepreneurial network and to kick-start your company or idea.
As Wayne Gretzky put it, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take , so don’t miss this one, Yalla come and Startup!
Click here to sign up if you haven’t already.

What happens in a StartupWeekend? in images…

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