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Ten Principles of Eternal Team Mojo

This is the part of an ongoing series of guest articles about entrepreneurship. If you would like to contribute to this series, contact us at with your proposal.

هذا المقال تابع لسلسلة من المقالات المستمرة عن الريادة. إذا كنت ترغب في المساهمة الرجاء إرسال رسالة إلكترونية إلى

by Mussie Shore

Pronunciation: \ˈmō-(ˌ)jō\
Etymology: probably of African origin; akin to Fulani
moco'o medicine man
Definition: a magic spell, hex, or charm; 
broadly :magical power

Teams with mojo launch things continuously, always, we never stop launching things. This guide, offers ten principles , which when practiced by everyone, on balance, preserves and extends a team’s mojo.

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What happens in a StartupWeekend? in images…

Are you Inspired? Think you are up for it? Come on get your tickets today to StartupWeekend Lebanon and join us for a fun exciting weekend! – Register before September 30 and get $25 off.

First YallaStartup Weekend! Spend a weekend like no other and build something awesome!

Many great companies started as a weekend project and we want you to be next! If you are passionate about building great things and are up for a fun intense weekend then YallaStartup Weekend is for you.

StartupWeekend is a famous event that has taken place in 54 cities in the US and around the world and we are bringing it to Beirut on November 12, 13 and 14 at Berytech. The weekend is a hands-on event that encourages out of the box creative thinking and startup creation. The idea is very simple, you join us on the first day of the weekend with a group of highly motivated developers, product, marketing, graphic and business guys and girls together, you team up, decide on an idea, code and deliver a prototype on Sunday. During the weekend, VCs and experts will be spending walking around the venue and giving some short talks in the hope of scouting the next big thing! Winning teams will receive prizes and recognition on YallaStartup and our press partners.

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Call to fast growing companies in Arabia, we want the world to know about you!

AllWorld Network and Professor Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School are on a quest to spot Arabia’s fastest growing companies. YallaStartup is a proud partner of this initiative and we want to encourage all our members not to miss this unique opportunity.

AllWorld has already announced the Saudi Fast 100 and the Lebanon Fast 25 winners, next on the list is Jordan! We encourage everyone to apply today to the Jordan|25, and read more about Arabia 500. Private companies from any industry, that are growing quickly, are invited to apply.  Jordan 25|100 winners automatically qualify for the Arabia 500, becoming part of a global network of AllWorld entrepreneurs.

“Being a Saudi Fast 100 winner inspired our team. Our staff sees that their hard work has paid off, our customers are more confident that they are putting their needs in the right hands and our shareholders are proud to be #1.”

– 2009 Saudi Fast Growth 100 #1 company – Secutronic’s co-founders, Mr. Jawad Anwar Ali and Mr. Ihab El Samannoudi

YallaStartup Mafia ganging up at MENA ICT Forum

101010: That’s not binary for “Hello” that’s the date the YallaStartup team will be in Jordan taking part in the MENA ICT Forum!

We are excited that YallaStartup is viewed as a regional thought leader at the event. YallaStartup co-founder, Habib Haddad, will be speaking at the event on two panels, the MENA Ecosystem and Addressing the Arabic Content Crisis. He will be discussing the realities as they appear on the ground and our unique approach to addressing them.

If you happen to be at MENA ICT Forum, please pass by, give us a shout out and cheer us along. If you are not around, feel free to send us your ideas and thoughts by commenting below, tweeting, watweting, emailing, texting, buzzing, facebooking, foursquaring or even ESPing!

We’ll be likely organizing a YallaStartup mafia hangout and will be welcoming all you God Fathers :).  Please stay tuned and see you soon!


Why Start-ups Fail at Marketing, and Possible Solutions – by Wharton@Knowledge

YallaStartup is proud to partner with Knowledge@Wharton to bring you great content on Entrepreneurship. Please email us your requests for topics to cover at

Why do more than half of all start-ups fail? Because they bungle their marketing, according to Leonard Lodish, a professor of marketing at Wharton, and co-author of two books, Entrepreneurial Marketing andMarketing That Works. “The dogs won’t eat the dog food is the way venture capitalists describe it,” Lodish says. The key lies in how a marketing plan is crafted. In this installment of the podcast series for the Wharton-CERT Business Plan Competition, Lodish explains that marketing plans must take into account three critical strategic and tactical factors: positioning, targeting and pricing.

The following are edited extracts of the conversation.

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