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Three points of advice for first time entrepreneurs raising venture capital

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Advice by serial Entrepreneur Brian Balfour

Know Why You Are Raising

Its great to have grand dreams of being the next GroupOn, Zynga, or , but keep those dreams in check while raising your first capital. First time entrepreneurs are commonly unrealistic about three things. One, the fact that your idea is a good fit for Angel/VC money in the first place. Two, the amount of funding you need and the valuation you are asking for. Read the rest of this entry »

MENA Entrepreneurship: Challenged Opportunity

(This is cross posted from Sami Shalabi’s blog)

During my trips to the middle east I try to capture new thoughts about things I observe. My previous post on the topic covered my early observations. This summer I had the privilege of hanging out with some Jordanian entrepreneurs and listen to their heroic journeys. Here are my observations:
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