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Corporate lawyer Aymen Almoayed on deck to answer your legal questions

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You been asking and we’ve been listening and now you’ve got it. It is with great pleasure that we have MENA legal expert, Aymen Almoayed, on deck to answer your legal questions. He is on the ground and has seen it all. Now it is up to you to ask him the hard questions.

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“We need to produce, not only to consume!”

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هذا المقال تابع لسلسلة من المقالات المستمرة عن الريادة. إذا كنت ترغب في المساهمة الرجاء إرسال رسالة إلكترونية إلى

Few weeks ago, I was running like a crazy from an interview to another in order to finish the first part of my field work for my PHD research about Syrian musalsalat.

An (Arab) friend of mine just looked at me as if I was totally weird and told me: “why are you doing all these crazy efforts?! You read Arabic, just translate those (pointing at few articles and couple of books dealing with drama) into English and khalas, it’s done!”.

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YallaStartub invests $8.6 Million in Arabic voice technology

YallaStartub is broud to announce its first investment in a stealth voice technology startub and comes only after a few month of launching. The startub develobs voice technologies to track, analyze and enhance Arabic accents. For examble the technology detects “b”s and replace them with “p”s so that “Oben Source” becomes “Open Source”.  The hobe is to bridge the cultural gab between the east and the west and allow petter ease of communication. The technology will also helb beoble from Arabic countries to communicate with each others for example it will translate “Shekhbaresh” into “shoo fi ma fi” or “Malek ya habebti?” …

Update: More on this ground breaking technology here !