Startup Life Cycle

Seeding an Entrepreneurial Revolution

YallaStartup aims to foster early stage entrepreneurship in the MENA region. Our goal is to address the gaps in the early stage entrepreneurial ecosystem both online and offline. We focus on knowledge sharing, community building, mentorship, and assisting in finding seed investment.

What's new

  • Story from the Trenches – SuperMama

    SuperMama is a parenting website that features support, advice, videos, feedback and much more for parents and parents-to-be, a completely new idea in the Middle East. SuperMama is the epitome of creating a new market instead of entering an existing one, and Yasmine was kind enough to share her startup experience with us!

  • The Freedom to Start – An Insider’s Perspective

    Countries in the MENA are well equipped in terms of education to produce entrepreneurs. However, there needs to be more emphasis on certain freedoms, such as the freedom of speech and assembly. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, and to allow it to flourish you need to have the necessary institutions in place. There is not one initiative that can take off without having the freedom to do so, just look at the examples in the USA.

  • Disruptive Innovation – How VCs View Startups

    I don’t think you choose to become a VC. I think you go through this experience – and most VCs go through this, where you gather a bunch of information, either reporting about start ups or doing your own, and you start thinking: ‘how can I help other people?’

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